Exciting Update from

Amanda Czosek and Kevin Sanders


It has been an honor to partner with Jack Teboda of Teboda & Associates over the past 8 years. As of September 1, 2022, one of the partners, Jack Teboda has retired from the firm. Amanda Czosek and Kevin Sanders will expand their role from partners with Mr. Teboda, to Owners of Guardian Wealth Advisory Group LLC, your new retirement and financial planning firm.


Other than a company name change from Teboda & Associates to Guardian Wealth Advisory Group LLC, this event will have no impact on your accounts, servicing structure, fees, service team, or agreements with Amanda Czosek and Kevin Sanders.

We are confident that your investments as well as any other financial needs will be well taken care of and that the high-quality service you deserve will continue to be available to you.  

We appreciate your support, trust, and partnership and are truly honored to help guide your retirement journey.


Guardian Wealth Advisory Group
Amanda Czosek and Kevin Sanders