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Fiduciary Responsibility

Always striving to do right by the clients we serve.

It’s important you feel you can trust a financial advising team to consider a wide variety of possible solutions, including both investment and insurance products, before considering any recommendations. You also want to have confidence the advice provided is in your best interests — not theirs.

Teboda & Associates are proud to serve clients and their families in an independent, fiduciary capacity.

As an independent financial firm, Teboda & Associates is not forced to sell only the proprietary products of a single financial institution. Rather, the team has access to a larger selection of possible solutions from a wide range of financial institutions to help clients work toward their financial goals.

As Investment Adviser Representatives the Teboda & Associates team has a fiduciary responsibility to only offer clients the services and opportunities in their best interests. Our advisors — Jack Teboda, Kevin Sanders and Amanda Jager — completed extensive additional training to become licensed fiduciaries, and continuously study to upkeep that licensing so clients receive the best possible care they can provide.

Teboda & Associates was built on a solid foundation of always striving to do right by the clients we serve. That’s why Jack first started the independent financial firm, and now decades later, it’s still the same reason he comes into work every day. He enjoys helping others achieve confidence in their retirement futures, and he has built a team around him who share the same goal of providing valuable guidance through exceptional service.