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Live Long and Prosper: 3 Realities of Longevity and Your Retirement

Americans are living longer than ever, with the average life expectancy now rising to about 79 years. Some have referred to this trend as the “longevity revolution,” but it’s also creating a revolution in the way people think about retirement...


How to Navigate the 3 Stages of Retirement

People often view retirement as just one more stage of life.
But that’s not exactly the case. Retirement isn’t just one stage; it’s at least three – although all three do share something in common...


The 2018 Tax Reform Is Out- How Will It Affect You and Your Family? (6 Crucial Changes You Need to Know About)

The votes are in, and we have a new tax system. The sweeping $1.5 trillion 2018 tax reform spearheaded by the Trump Administration changed taxes dramatically for the first time in three decades...

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